How to submit manuscripts for estimates and editing

Alum Canyon Editing accepts payment by credit card through PayPal and now also accepts payment by international wire transfer. Please inquire, as some universities will not reimburse authors for payments made with personal credit cards and will only pay editing fees by wire transfer.

To submit a manuscript for an estimate:

  1. Please contact the Managing Editor with any questions using the Contact Form. If you are unaccustomed to writing in English, Google Translate can be useful for drafting or reading an email. Please include details such as your target journal and required turnaround time.
  2. Manuscript estimates are provided free of charge.
  3. All manuscripts are handled confidentially, whether they are edited or not.
  4. You may attach manuscripts as a Word document (.doc or .docx) or .rtf to obtain a fee estimate. Please disregard instructions on the contact form indicating that other file types may be attached.
  5. The manuscript should be submitted for evaluation in the standard format required by most journals, which is 12-point font, with double spacing between lines, and 1-inch margins. Manuscripts in other formats are converted to this format for the purpose of providing an estimate, but will be edited in the format in which they were originally sent.
  6. The Managing Editor at Alum Canyon Editing will review the manuscript, and based on an assessment of the degree of editing required, the number of manuscript pages, the number and complexity of figures and tables, the number of references, and the required turnaround time, will provide a written estimate for the cost of editing the manuscript.
  7. The level of editing required is at the editor’s discretion, with the exception of proofreading (Level 1 or 2) page or galley proofs for manuscripts already accepted for publication.
  8. Editing fees vary at the Author’s discretion based on turnaround time chosen by the author(s). An example project and editing fee are described on the FAQs page.
  9. Rates are subject to change.
  10. After the Author has accepted the final proposed terms, editing begins.
  11. When the first round of editing is complete, the Author is notified by email that the edited manuscript and comments have been prepared.
  12. Upon payment of the editing fee by the agreed mechanism, the edited manuscript is returned to the Author by email.
  13. After the Author has reviewed and accepted the Editor’s changes, a recheck must be requested within 180 days from the date that the edited manuscript is first returned to the Author, before the manuscript is submitted to a journal. The manuscript is rechecked once by the Editor and is finalized at that point for Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 Partial services. Under Level 3 Complete services for complete manuscripts, communication regarding further revision continues until the manuscript has undergone rechecks, which must be requested within 180 days from the date that the edited manuscript is first returned to the Author. A final recheck should also be done just prior to submission.
  14. Level 3 Complete services for complete manuscripts also include assistance (drafting and editing) with the author’s correspondence with journal editors and responses to reviewers for no additional fee.
  15. Documents that are not finalized prior to submission to a journal or reviewing agency, or for which there is no agreement for continuing revision within 180 days from the date first returned to the Author, or that will be submitted to a new journal are subject to a new agreement and fee.
  16. Please note that Alum Canyon Editing does not subcontract to freelance editors or other editing companies and only refers clients to other established, reputable companies that are known to the Managing Editor and that have scientifically trained or subject-area native language editors capable of editing or translating scientific documents. Inquiries regarding freelancing or subcontracting for Alum Canyon Editing will receive no response.

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