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Alum Canyon Editing serves authors including engineers and scientists around the world.

Alum Canyon Editing offers editing services ranging from proofreading through developmental editing of manuscripts for peer-reviewed scientific journal articles; chapters and books on scientific, technological, or non-fiction topics; grant proposals; PowerPoint presentations with speaker’s notes; abstracts; and posters written by authors whose native language is not English.

Proofreading and copyediting services are also available for native-English writers.

A 10% discount is available for all new clients or those with editing projects at least once per year (loyalty discount).

At any editing level, Alum Canyon Editing exercises the same high degree of care with every document. Whether proofing an abstract or intensively editing a complex or lengthy manuscript, Alum Canyon Editing always provides the highest quality services. Alum Canyon Editing has even re-edited manuscripts that authors have paid to have edited by other editing companies.

The editing levels offered depend on language level (determined by the Editor), document length and stage, and whether an author chooses any extra services such as checking for and redrafting text overlaps using iThenticate, editing of responses to reviewers, journal-specific formatting, or rechecking manuscripts prior to submission to a journal.

    • LEVEL 1 service includes proofreading of main text and figure legends for grammar and usage. Initial LEVEL 1 proofreading is only available for native English or documents previously edited at Level 2 or 3 by Alum Canyon Editing. LEVEL 1 proofreading is available as a RECHECK (see below) for documents previously edited by Alum Canyon Editing.
      • RECHECKs (see below) for LEVEL 1 projects require a new contract and fee.
    • LEVEL 2 service includes editing of main text and figure legends for logic, continuity, and standard and scientific English grammar and usage.
      • RECHECKs (see below) for LEVEL 2 projects require a new contract and fee.
    • LEVEL 3 PARTIAL service includes extensive, stylistic, substantive, structural, or conceptual editing of any part of the manuscript that an author wishes to have edited. Page counts of Partial Documents usually include the main text and figure legends.
      • RECHECKs (see below) for all LEVEL 3 projects require a new contract and fee.
      • The language guarantee cannot apply because LEVEL 3 Partial services do not include the entire manuscript.
    • LEVEL 3 COMPLETE service includes editing the entire document for style, structure, or content, and checking journal-specific formatting of figure legends, tables, citations, and references.
      • LEVEL 3 COMPLETE services for complete manuscripts must be agreed to before starting the project.
      • RECHECKs (see below) for all LEVEL 3 projects require a new contract and fee.
    • PREVIEW is a separate service that includes checking for text overlaps by running the manuscript on an online service and editing to address any text overlaps found.
      • The fee for the PREVIEW service comprises the cost of the running the manuscript on an online service and a fee for redrafting text overlaps.
      • PREVIEW services must be agreed to before starting the project.
    • RECHECK is a separate service for proofreading any manuscript previously edited by Alum Canyon Editing and is equivalent to LEVEL 1 service (see above).
      • RECHECK services require a new contract and fee.
    • RESPONSE  is a separate service for editing correspondence before submission and responses to reviewers after submission of a manuscript to a publication.
      • RESPONSE services require a new contract and fee.

See the Guarantee page for more details regarding each service.

Please contact Alum Canyon Editing for an exact estimate with current rates. Rates depend on document length in standard page format (12-point font, double line spacing, 1-inch margins) and depend on editing level and turnaround time. Alum Canyon Editing rates are always clearly defined in estimates provided before editing begins. Rates are subject to change at any time.

Turnaround times include 5, 7, 10, and 14 calendar days, depending on the service. Because our turnaround times are in calendar days, not business days like some other editing services, our services do not take an unexpected extra 2 days. If a client expects and pays for 5-day turnaround, that is what they get.

Business Hours

Alum Canyon Editing keeps regular business hours: 8 am to 6 pm US Pacific time (GMT -8:00), Monday through Friday, roughly corresponding to Tuesday through Saturday in Asia.

In most cases, edited documents will be  returned on weekdays US Pacific time whenever possible, but because turnaround times are always counted in calendar days, not business days, sometimes manuscript return dates occur on weekends.

Alum Canyon Editing observes US and other holidays. Notices regarding the Managing Editor’s availability will be sent out to current clients ahead of time whenever possible.

If you would like to receive notice of holidays and down times, please sign up for information from Alum Canyon Editing on the signup form for information updates.

Please feel free to send a message regarding editing projects any time. However, please note that correspondence received on weekends, US holidays, or whenever the Managing Editor is not available will be acknowledged as soon as possible. Detailed responses requiring estimates or other time-intensive tasks will generally be sent on weekdays. Inquiries regarding any other topics including solicitations and freelancing/subcontracting for Alum Canyon Editing will receive no response.

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