The sole purpose of this form is for authors to inquire about or request editing services. Please note that Alum Canyon Editing is not hiring, does not subcontract to freelance editors or other editing companies, and only refers clients to other established, reputable companies that are known to the Managing Editor and that have scientifically trained, subject-area-specialist native language editors who are experienced in and dedicated to editing or translating scientific documents.

You may use this form to contact Alum Canyon Editing regarding editing projects at any time. Please allow 12–24 hours for a response during regular business hours and 48 hours for weekends and US holidays.

Please attempt at least the title of your email in English, as non-Latin characters are not recognized by this contact form.

If you would prefer journal-specific editing, please mention the name of the target journal in your email.

Please send documents for editing in Microsoft Word. Please send documents in standard (12-point font, double line spacing, 1-inch margins) Word format. File size limit is 40 MB. For larger files, either send a compressed file or send a message through this form without the file and you will receive another email address to which to send your document.

Please ensure that your email address is correct, as incorrect email addresses can receive no reply. The reply might come from an email address not associated with this website, so please also check junk mail for responses.

Inquiries regarding freelancing with or subcontracting for Alum Canyon Editing and other inquiries or solicitations for any purposes other than requesting editing services will receive no response.

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