About Alum Canyon Editing

Alum Canyon Editing, LLC is a full-time, qualified professional editing company, not a part-time or moonlighting enterprise. Here, you will find an editor who cares as much about your scientific publications as you do.

Mary Ann Cushman, Managing Editor

With Alum Canyon Editing, you know:

  • who will edit your manuscript;
  • that your manuscript will receive personalized attention;
  • that you may communicate directly with your editor;
  • that your manuscript will be finalized to your satisfaction with Level 3 Complete editing;
  • that your manuscript is being edited by a highly skilled native-English editor with extensive formal training in both scientific research and English-language editing;
  • that your manuscript will not be subcontracted to non-native English editors or freelancers not trained in science (any referrals are only made with the author’s agreement to established, reputable scientific editing companies); and
  • that your manuscript will receive the editor’s full attention.

Alum Canyon Editing around the Web

Alum Canyon Editing, LLC was founded in 2009. The Managing Editor has managed animal and plant genetics, molecular genetics, and biochemistry laboratories. Between 2005 and 2009, the Managing Editor worked in the legal field.

The Managing Editor has formal training and extensive experience in science, scientific writing, and editing scientific and technical writing, including academic legal writing. Further, with professional certification in English-language editing from UC Berkeley Extension, Alum Canyon Editing can help you generate crisp and precise written work.

Manuscripts in biological or biomedical subject areas are typically accepted, but manuscripts in other scientific or technical subject areas including, but not limited to, biomedical engineering, biofuels engineering, or particulate monitoring may be submitted for an estimate. Referrals to other editing services with subject-matter experts in other areas are available. In addition to other Services, high-level editing services for manuscripts requiring extensive revisions are available for scientists anywhere in the world whose native language is not English.

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